EMT Rehab For EMS

EMT's are trained, prepared and always ready to set up Rehab Stations at fire scenes, hazmat incidents and any potential emergency situation that may require not just monitoring blood pressures and pulses, but just as importantly, keeping everyone hydrated.  Losing large amounts of water in a short time, especially if it is not replenished can really be a problem.  By the time an emergency worker feels thirsty, they may already be dehydrated. 

Fighting fires is hard work and even though firefighters don't always like Rehab, EMT's are always ready for them setting up stations with water, a place out of the sun to sit down and de-stress.

EMT's should be hydrating too.  EMS personnel spend alot of hours out in the sun and heat, exposed to the elements for hours at a time caring for others especially at structure fire rehab stations.  EMT's and paramedics spend their day in changing environments responding in the heat of summer, the freezing winters.  They do alot of physical work, carrying EMS bags and equipment up and down steps, most of the time with patients of all size and shapes on board. 

  EMT Rescue Stainless Water Bottle 0.6L

  Paramedic Star of Life Stainless Water Bottle 0.6L

Keep your EMS water bottles filled with fresh water and keep it on the rig with you so you won't have to stop and drink soda or sugar filled teas.   Personalized water bottles are great EMT gifts and holiday gift idea for paramedics.

EMT's and paramedics, please remember to Rehab yourselves everyday, there's alot of people out there depending on you!