EMS EMT Paramedic Love

There is no love finer nor more meaningful than the love of a job, a career, a calling that saves lives, changes outcomes and creates a time in people's lives that remain with them forever.

EMS and rescue crews don't always get the attention, applause, news headlines they deserve. But they impact so many lives, so many families in so many ways. Whether it's holding a hand, getting the collar on and the trauma victim out, making sure a senior who is helpless gets the help he needs, comforting a family, delivering a baby or when fate has made sure you are there, saving a life.

Truly heroes because truly you love your jobs even when it's an overload. You get it done.

EMS Emergency Trauma Calls

EMS trauma calls are up on the most challenging emergencies EMT and paramedics often face.  If we are smart we use our scene size up, have as much possible information from the dispatcher they can possibly get and hopefully transmit to us. No question our jump bags are ready. Radios in place. Equipment ready to use whether it's jaws of life, a window pop, oxygen or IV's.

No question our skills, training and hopefully experience is all ready so ingrained in us we don't have to stop and think about basics.

 EMT EMS Paramedic Trauma Calls

But absolutely every trauma call is a different trauma call. Who, what, where, when and how the heck do we manage this one keeping our first responders safe, the patient viable moving as quickly and safely as we can. Patient history. Mode of trauma. Trauma center? Fly or ride? And let's not forget - how many.

How many victims. How many cars. How many ambulances, police, fire. How many liters of O2. How many times have you faced these decisions?

No matter how many times you have, each time will be completely different.

 EMS EMT Paramedic Pride

Train. Keep training. Read. Learn from your experiences and from others. Keep updated with EMS networks, magazines, books and the vast amount of knowledge online.

You can never be too prepared, too trained or too confident in anything but the knowledge that you understand the job that needs to be done and that you are prepared to face it head on and adjust as you need to.  Stay safe out there everyone.

Firefighter EMS Police Thanksgiving Memories

Firefighters, EMS and Police celebrate Thanksgiving too. While the world is planning the celebration to include the turkey roasting, stuffing, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie, firefighters are planning too. We can't help it. While you worry about burning the turkey, we are worried about you burning down the house.

Roasting a turkey is one thing, how about all those people deciding to deep fry the turkey! Structure fires waiting to happen. Yes it has happened on Thanksgiving, on my watch. Way more times than I can count.

Boiling pots of water and fry pans are not innocent cooking tools. Sleeves that hang over the flames while lifting the pot. Handles facing out that children can touch, can get knocked over by someone walking by.

Grease. Oh those grease fires. On the stove. In the oven. And the people who inevitably throw water on it .......

And the candles. People love burning candles especially on holidays. Fall scented, pumpkin scented candles that have started more fires on more holidays than I even care to remember. Children who were burned by the candles adults don't give a thought to when they put them out to impress their company. Medivacs for burned children on any day is awful and on the holidays.....

The roads are packed. The family is stuffed. Don't drink and drive - please don't drink and drive. Slow down it's OK. Too many motor vehicle crashes especially on the holidays. Especially on Thanksgiving.

And if you make it through the night without any of the above happening - you can be sure by midnight when the dishes are cleaned, the company is gone, someone will turn on the self cleaning oven and you will probably get your call then!

Firefighter holiday memories. Reminds me of how much we all have to be thankful for. Reminds me how important it is to take a little time, do a little planning so all of our holidays are happy. And safe.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Stay Safe. Stay Thankful. Stay Happy.

 Firefighter Thanksgiving Memories

 EMS EMT Paramedic Thanksgiving Memories

 Police and Law Enforcement Thanksgiving Memories

EMS EMT and Paramedics Honor Veterans Day

EMS EMT and Paramedics Honoring Veterans Day - Thank you to all who have served in our military to keep us safe and free. Thank you to all military troops serving today.  Who can forget thank you to our military families through the years who have sacrificed so much for so many.  To all of our EMT and Paramedics who have served past and present in the military, we salute you this Veterans Day and Every Day!

 EMT EMS and Paramedics Honoring Veterans Day

EMT Coffee Flow

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EMS Honors Memorial Day

Memorial Day EMS Honors

Memorial Day is honored by EMS every day but especially on this holiday every EMT and Paramedic I know takes some extra time to honor our Military Heroes, so many are Veterans themselves.  Wearing our USA flag pin or patch, hanging a flag on our ambulances, taking part in Memorial Day Parades to honor those who sacrificed everything in wars past and present so that we may be free.  Honoring always our heroes serving today in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines becomes even more special on Memorial Day Weekend. 

EMT and Paramedics Memorial Day Honors - Remembering and Honoring Our Fallen Military Heroes.  Never Forget.

 Memorial Day EMS Honors

EMS Week EMT and Paramedics

EMS Week For EMT and Paramedics is the third week in May every year and a great time to show appreciation for a special EMT and Paramedic.  Emergency services is there for you when you dial 911 no matter the emergency, the weather or time of time or night.  Responding career paramedics and volunteer EMT and Rescue Squads will save your life, comfort your family and will be there when you need them.

We Honor EMS Week and thank our EMT and Paramedics every day.

 Happy EMS Week