EMS Emergency Trauma Calls

EMS trauma calls are up on the most challenging emergencies EMT and paramedics often face.  If we are smart we use our scene size up, have as much possible information from the dispatcher they can possibly get and hopefully transmit to us. No question our jump bags are ready. Radios in place. Equipment ready to use whether it's jaws of life, a window pop, oxygen or IV's.

No question our skills, training and hopefully experience is all ready so ingrained in us we don't have to stop and think about basics.

 EMT EMS Paramedic Trauma Calls

But absolutely every trauma call is a different trauma call. Who, what, where, when and how the heck do we manage this one keeping our first responders safe, the patient viable moving as quickly and safely as we can. Patient history. Mode of trauma. Trauma center? Fly or ride? And let's not forget - how many.

How many victims. How many cars. How many ambulances, police, fire. How many liters of O2. How many times have you faced these decisions?

No matter how many times you have, each time will be completely different.

 EMS EMT Paramedic Pride

Train. Keep training. Read. Learn from your experiences and from others. Keep updated with EMS networks, magazines, books and the vast amount of knowledge online.

You can never be too prepared, too trained or too confident in anything but the knowledge that you understand the job that needs to be done and that you are prepared to face it head on and adjust as you need to.  Stay safe out there everyone.