EMT and Paramedic Gifts

EMS Week or known also as National Emergency Medical Services Week is time set aside to honor the pride and dedication of EMT's, Paramedics and Emergency Medicine's front line personnel.  Responding in an ambulance, medic vehicle or fire engine any time of day or night providing lifesaving healthcare to people in need.

All EMS Star of Life Shirts shirt    All EMS Star of Life Shirts shirt

EMS t-shirts, patches, badges and uniforms not only serve as identification on the scene of an emergency, the are a symbol of pride to both career and volunteer rescue squad personnel.

All EMT Active Duty shirt    A Paramedic Theme shirtFIRE EMT shirt

EMT's always reach out to their community providing care for the young and old, medically ill, trauma injuries and psychological emergencies with skill, compassion and dedication.  EMS Week is a great time for community members, organizations, businesses and employers to say Thank You to EMT's and Medics for the great job they do every day.

Some great gift ideas for EMT's and Paramedics are not just t-shirts and sweatshirts but also some great Star of Life custom gifts like bags for their gear and equipment, coffee and travel mugs with rescue logos, EMS theme jewelry and key rings or even an EMS theme clock for home or office is a fun gift idea for your favorite emergency healthcare provider.

Some of our favorite gift ideas:

EMT Rescue Wall Clock  EMT gift mugs honoring those who DO make a difference!  EMS and paramedics are the difference between life and death, you deserve a mug filled with coffee or cocoa before, during and after your shift!  Star of Life  Tote Bag personalized for EMT's, paramedics and medical professionals.


Emergency Medical Technician mug    Emergency Medical Technician keychain  Paramedic Star of Life Hooded Sweatshirts, apparel and hats from Bonfire Designs.

Say thanks in personalized way this year, to those who are there for you in your time of need every hour of every day, all year long.

 Keep Calm and EMS
Keep Calm and EMS