EMT and Paramedics Saving Lives

EMT's and Paramedics are saving lives.  EMS is about Emergency Medical Services.  EMT and Paramedic calls are big and small.  When the tones go off, you never know what you will arrive on scene to find.  EMT's can be dispatched to a sick person and find someone who really isn't too sick and could have waited for a doctors appointment.

Or they can arrive to find a cardiac arrest.  Always prepared.  Always trained.  On the way home from a non-emergency type of call, they may be dispatched to a trauma, a motor vehicle crash, a HazMat situation, backing up firefighters at a fire.  In a moment of time, the situation they are in can change.  They face hazards.  They are compassionate to patients and family.  From sound asleep to wide awake.  Finding the right address.  Bringing the right jump bags and equipment.  Lifting and moving patients of all sizes.

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