EMT Paramedic Christmas Ornaments

EMT Paramedic Christmas Ornaments pretty much sum up the pride in EMS you and your family feel about your EMT and Paramedic careers, both volunteer and career.  EMS logos featuring the Star of Life, Ambulances and Christmas holidays go perfectly together whether you hang them in your family home, your fire dept and rescue squad, tuck one into your ambulance or give them to your EMS family or friend to show you know how much being an EMT means to so many people.

Here are some of our favorite EMS holiday ornaments, personalize them with names, your favorite saying, your own photo or buy them just the way they are.  Stay safe this holiday season and always.

EMS ChristmasEMT Star Of Life

EMS Theme OrnamentFirefighter EMT Ornament

Paramedic Theme OrnamentParamedic Action Ornaments