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EMT's also known as Emergency Medical Technicians, are the first responders to emergencies like motor vehicle accidents, heart attacks and other medical emergencies. EMTs deliver basic medical treatment on the scene and transport patients to the hospital, where they report to the information about the patients to the Emergency Room nurses and physicians. EMTs must pass a certified training program and be certified by the state. They can then advance to the intermediate level and eventually if they choose to, they can advance to the paramedic level. 

EMT's of East Windsor Township Rescue Squads at the Scene of an MVA, NJ

EMT courses usually take over 180 hours to complete. Those hours will be spent learning to asses patients conditions, performing CPR, dealing with blood loss including everything from bandaging wounds to caring for a patient in Shock.  EMS students learn to manage respiratory problems and even how to deliver babies.  There are hundreds of hours in classroom lectures and you want to be sure you take great notes during the classes and when you go home and study.

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After successfully completing this class, students still need to take and pass the licensed exam for certified emergency medical technicians before they can wear the EMT Star of Life.

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The EMT-Basic class includes hours in the classroom and in the field. Students are required to have a high school diploma or GED to enroll.  They will learn to monitor vitals like taking a pulse and reading a blood pressure under emergency conditions, high pressure situations and even while in a moving ambulance.  Many EMT's and Paramedics buy their own blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes and even First Aid Kits to have on hand both on duty and off.

Gift Ideas For Student EMT's and Paramedics

Wear your EMT badge, patches and star of life t-shirts with pride, you have worked hard to earn it and will mean so much to so many people

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EMT's never stop learning.  After they receive their certification they will always keep training to keep their skills sharp, they will take Continuing Education Courses to keep their certification valid and to keep bringing the finest care to their patients no matter what Emergency they are facing day and night.