EMT Strong

EMT's are not often appreciated for how strong they are.  People always think of how strong firefighters are wearing heavy SCBA and bunker gear, hauling charged hose lines, ladders and equipment into structures, onto roofs and working out to stay in shape physically.  Everyone considers Police Officers strong, fighting with bad guys, running and chasing the perps, handcuffs and takedowns.  Just watch any movie or TV show featuring firemen or police they are all strapping strong and physically fit.  But no one ever thinks about how strong an active EMT has to be day in and day out.


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EMS calls mean patients of all sizes and shapes and an EMT may respond with only one or two other people on his ambulance.  They have to carry overstocked first aid bags, defibrillators, oxygen tanks and carrying equipment into the patient with them at rapid speed.  After quick medical intervention and stabilization the patients now have to be carried out to the litter and ambulance, its rare that a patient can be allowed to walk out by themselves.  Imagine carrying full size adults, often very large full size adults laying on a board, reeves or even in a stair chair down flights of stairs.  Imagine doing this during their medical emergency.  Don't forget all the equipment they brought in has to be brought out along with the victim.

Victims of trauma, motor vehicle crashes and fall victims have to be stabilized and maneuvered by EMS personnel often out of crushed cars and awkward locations.  All of course while doing no further harm to their patient.  And no harm to themselves. 

No one really realizes how much physical strength an EMT has to have to respond to their patient, treat them quickly and proficiently and deliver them to the hospital safe and sound for further medical treatment until they actually have to do the job.

Our thanks to all EMS out there sharing their EMT gifts of care, strength, compassion and dedication.

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